For Home Owners

Hōmē Suites offer numerous benefits for home owners.

Ageing in place options – Whether you need a easy to maintain space for your in-laws or you are growing weary of maintaining your larger home and want to downsize without moving to a new neighbourhood, Hōmē has solutions for you.

Give a helping hand to the younger generation – The modern world is a complex place and housing is no exception. Rising home prices and low vacancies are making it increasingly difficult to move out of home. Everyone could use a helping hand.

Accessible Housing – Hōmē Suites are designed with accessibility in mind. With the simple addition of a ramp in the front, the home becomes easily accessibly throughout for virtually anyone. If additional options are required, we can work with you to make it happen.

• Affordable Housing – Our backyard suites offer excellent value with a low cost per unit. Whether you are looking to save some money for yourself or offer affordable rental options, we will work with you to help realise your goals.

• Make some extra cash – Coupled with the accessibility and affordability, you can enjoy the added benefit of making some extra money or help with paying down your mortgage.

• They aren’t ugly – We work hard with designers and do not try to make a cheap product. We maximize window space and make maintenance a breeze by using durable and beautiful material standard on all of our homes.

• Expertise – Our years of expertise in the housing and development world allows us to navigate the regulatory system and understand the jargon that is all too common. Let us take it off your hands.

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